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Introducing Maadstrack Pakistan's 1st Penetration Testing Operating System!

A MAADS Security Project!

Penetration Testing Evolved. MAADS SEC is proud to launch Pakistan's 1st Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking Operating System .The OS will be available to download from our official website (Note: This is alpha release of our OS and we intend to make it better after your review about it)
For those of you who are wondering why Maadstrack is different. Here is a short list of reasons & it's Features:
1. 8 different interfaces for KDE and GNOME(32-bit only) for maximum personalization
2. User friendly Login interface
3. All the updated tools that are not available in Backtrack along with many Windows Utilities (mainly Skype and Team-viewer)
4. Interface dynamic switching does not require PC shutdown
5. Modified Linux kernel 3.2.44 with Ubuntu 12.04.2 OS framework
6. All the utilities primarily integrated and built-in for home use as well
8. Consists of ubuntu software center so that you can download any other application or game from ubuntu official website.
9. Support every System and architecture and driver.
Hope this explains why Maadstrack is different and one of its kind.. "Maadstrack" Aiming to set a Standard
Credit for this Project Goes to MAADS Security and it's Team Members are.

Arsalan Nasser (Director of MAADS Security)

Danish Iqbal (Lead Penetration tester, Senior client consultant)

Ammar Ali Shah (Developer & Programmer of OS)

Shahmeer Amir (Vice chairman and Operations Manager)

M Irfan Malik (Lead Programmer Web Developer & Social Media Dept Head)


We are the Develepors of Maads Track Operating System

It's a MAADS SEC team effort and Project.We are proud to be Pakistani's. Please Download this manual and read it before download and running Maadstrack.Otherwise you can face some difficulties regarding maadstrack.      MaadsTrack Manual Direct Link From Our Servers: Me First (MaadsTrack Manual).txt

Download Direct Links From Our Server:

(Part 1)

(Part 2)

(Part 3)

(Part 4)


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